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Christina Courtenay

As a child, I adored fairy tales and any story with a "happy ever after" (HEA) ending and I still love them to this day. I grew up in Sweden listening to tales about fairies and trolls, witches and gnomes, elves and princesses. Living next to the deep dark forests and lakes that abound in Scandinavia, it was all too easy to imagine that these creatures were real. I also loved the Norse sagas, which triggered a life-long interest in Vikings.

Now I write the fairy tales myself, albeit slightly more grown-up versions, and the HEA still rules. I hate books with sad endings and have been known to sneak a look at the last page of a novel before buying it, just to make sure it doesn't end in tears. Life in the 21st century is just too full of depressing news - when I read, I want to escape to a world where everything comes right in the end and I hope you agree with me.

My favourite things to do are of course reading and writing, but I also love history, archaeology (the armchair variety) and genealogy. I've been researching my ancestors for over 25 years now - please see the Tapper Tree website at if you're interested. Check out my blog from time to time for news of talks, book signings and events I'm attending, and I'll keep you posted. Or please follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest (see Links page). In the meantime, I hope you enjoy browsing this site!

All the best,

Christina x