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24/11/2014: Sedish Christmas Spirit

Last year, I had so much fun helping out at the annual Christmas Fair held at the Swedish Church in Harcourt Street, London, that I couldn't wait to do it again! The fair was held this weekend and, as always, was a huge success with so many people through the doors they had to queue to get in. And no wonder it's so popular when there's so much to buy, eat and look at - an absolute treasure trove!

I was helping out at the stand called 'Viltboden' where we sold the very best of Scandinavian food - elk and reindeer meat, sausages, seafood salad, salmon (both smoked and special 'gravad lax', marinated to perfection in gin and juniper berries by stall manager Stefan Hising), caviar, handmade blue cheese and so much more. Customers had a hard time choosing, which I could fully understand as it was all delicious. I couldn't resist buying quite a lot of it myself 🙂

The Swedish church itself is always turned into a cafe for the occasion, selling what we in Sweden call 'fika' (a very useful word if you ever go there) - ie coffee and cakes, including cinnamon and saffron buns. Yes, I had my fair share (and more probably!).

But the best thing about it all is the camaraderie of all those helping out, all cheerful, helpful and with a smile on their faces, and all wearing either the traditional costumes or pretty Victorian style aprons. And of course all the lovely customers who come to share the Swedish Christmas spirit and stock up on all the things they miss or, in the case of non-Swedes, try something new.

I, for one, can't wait until the next one and I want to say a huge thank you to the wonderful staff at the Swedish church for organising this event so superbly!

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