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18/12/2014: At Last! New England Crush

It's taken a bit longer than I thought, but it's finally done - New England Crush, the second book in my contemporary YA series, is out now!

I've chosen to publish this under my other name, Pia Fenton, as I wanted to distinguish my YA titles from my adult historical/time slip novels. As I have self-published this time, it kind of felt right to do it under a different name. The lovely cover - as always, thanks to talented Berni Stevens for that! - shows both in order to (hopefully) avoid confusion.

Book 1, New England Rocks, featured Rain Mackenzie, an English girl forced to attend an American high school for a year because of being expelled from her posh boarding school back home. New England Crush is the story of her younger sister, Raven, who follows in big sis's footsteps, although against her will.

Here's what it's all about:-

Crushing on the wrong boy - why does it feel so right?

Raven Mackenzie has finally settled into her posh British boarding school when her parents decide she has to attend an American high school for a year just because her older sister enjoyed it - so unfair!

Being a newcomer is never easy, but to her surprise she's befriended by a group of Goths. She's teased about her accent and English ways by others, but with the support of friends it's easy to cope. In fact, everything would be perfect if she wasn't crushing on the one boy she can't have - a jock whose current girlfriend will fight for him by fair means or foul (well, mostly foul!)

Liam Donnelly is easy-going and has never given much thought to his friends' cliquey behaviour. But when new girl Raven quite literally falls into his arms, and his friends do everything they can to keep them apart, he starts to wonder - what's up with that?

I had a lot of fun writing this so I hope readers will enjoy it just as much!

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