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22/05/2015: Travel Destinations - Kathryn Freeman

I'm loving all these travel tales on the blog (in honour of the exotic setting of my novel The Jade Lioness) and today it's Kathryn Freeman's turn to tell us about her favourite travel destination:- Hawaii - I blame it on the TV series Hawaii-5-0. Not the old one, though I enjoyed that too, but the new series on Sky. That's when I became hooked on visiting Hawaii. The scenery looked stunning - and I'm not just talking about Steve McGarrett (played by the gorgeous Alex O'Loughlin).

In real life it didn't disappoint, either. Just as well because getting there took a twelve hour flight to LA and another six hour one to Honolulu (umm, it's not just off the west coast of America as I'd imagined. It's nearer to Japan!).

Though we didn't come across the Hawaii-5-0 cast, there was no shortage of amazing sights and experiences. I've not been anywhere else in the world where you can experience so much in one place. On Ohau, the main island, there was history (Pearl harbour), culture (the Polynesian centre), glamour (Waikiki beach) and of course a spectacular coastline, complete with the occasional dozing monk seal.

Then came Big Island and a helicopter ride over one of the most active volcanoes on earth, a walk through craters and scalded forests and a massive zip wire over valleys and waterfalls (the scenery was so stunning I forgot to be scared).

Finally it was to the more peaceful Kauai (Garden island) with it's green turtles, incredible snorkeling and Na Pali coast line, where Jurassic Park and Pirates of the Caribbean have been filmed.

As a writer, I love words, but I have to admit photographs do Hawaii more justice than any descriptive words I could pen. It's a holiday with bit of everything, that will please both adults and children - even my teenagers. It is just like the TV series - but without the violence.

Thank you, Kathryn, I totally agree! I've only been to Oahu so will have to try and get to the other islands some time - it all looks wonderful!

Kathryn's latest book is Do Opposites Attract? where the heroine heads to South America, another interesting place. Here are the buy links:-

UK -

US -

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